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The Action Sheet API provides access to native Action Sheets, which come up from the bottom of the screen and display actions a user can take.


npm install @capacitor/action-sheet
npx cap sync


This plugin will use the following project variables (defined in your app’s variables.gradle file):

  • $androidxMaterialVersion: version of (default: 1.3.0)

PWA Notes

PWA Elements are required for Action Sheet plugin to work.


import { ActionSheet, ActionSheetButtonStyle } from '@capacitor/action-sheet';

const showActions = async () => {
  const result = await ActionSheet.showActions({
    title: 'Photo Options',
    message: 'Select an option to perform',
    options: [
        title: 'Upload',
        title: 'Share',
        title: 'Remove',
        style: ActionSheetButtonStyle.Destructive,

  console.log('Action Sheet result:', result);



showActions(options: ShowActionsOptions) => Promise<ShowActionsResult>

Show an Action Sheet style modal with various options for the user to select.

Param Type
options ShowActionsOptions

Returns: Promise<ShowActionsResult>

Since: 1.0.0



Prop Type Description Since
index number The index of the clicked option (Zero-based) 1.0.0


Prop Type Description Since
title string The title of the Action Sheet. 1.0.0
message string A message to show under the title. This option is only supported on iOS. 1.0.0
options ActionSheetButton[] Options the user can choose from. 1.0.0


Prop Type Description Since
title string The title of the option 1.0.0
style ActionSheetButtonStyle The style of the option This option is only supported on iOS. 1.0.0
icon string Icon for the option (ionicon naming convention) This option is only supported on Web. 1.0.0



Members Value Description Since
Default 'DEFAULT' Default style of the option. 1.0.0
Destructive 'DESTRUCTIVE' Style to use on destructive options. 1.0.0
Cancel 'CANCEL' Style to use on the option that cancels the Action Sheet. If used, should be on the latest availabe option. 1.0.0
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