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Version: v6

Capacitor Plugin Hooks

Starting in Capacitor 6.1, the following events can be used in plugins to hook into Capacitor commands:

  • capacitor:copy:before
  • capacitor:copy:after
  • capacitor:update:before
  • capacitor:update:after
  • capacitor:sync:before
  • capacitor:sync:after

To use them add the event name and the code you want to run in the scripts section of your plugin's package.json.

Example that just echo the command and the platform where it ran:

"scripts": {
"capacitor:copy:before": "echo copy before $CAPACITOR_PLATFORM_NAME",
"capacitor:copy:after": "echo copy after $CAPACITOR_PLATFORM_NAME",
"capacitor:update:before": "echo update before $CAPACITOR_PLATFORM_NAME",
"capacitor:update:after": "echo update after $CAPACITOR_PLATFORM_NAME",
"capacitor:sync:before": "echo sync before $CAPACITOR_PLATFORM_NAME",
"capacitor:sync:after": "echo sync after $CAPACITOR_PLATFORM_NAME"

Capacitor Plugin Hooks also work if added in Cordova plugins