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Version: v4


The extension supports many flavors of mono-repos and when detecting a monorepo will show a project selection list at the bottom of its panel as shown below:

Monorepo projects

Supported Types

The list of supported Monorepo types include:

  • NX - which is often combined with nxext for Capacitor support
  • NPM Workspaces - Simple multi project support built into npm.
  • Yarn Workspaces - Multi project support for Yarn (an alternative to npm).
  • Pnpm Workspaces - Multi project support for pnpm (an alternative to npm).
  • Lerna - A tool for managing and publishing packages from the same repository.
  • Multiple Folder - If you keep your projects in sub folders.
  • VSCode Workspaces - If you use VSCodes multi-root workspace file