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Version: v4


Keeping your dependencies up to date will ensure you are using supported and secure products. Ignoring updates will increase your technical debt making it harder to update in the future.

Updating One Dependency

Click X packages to show all dependencies showing their current version and their latest version.

List of dependencies

Click a Dependency and Choose:

  • Upgrade to upgrade the dependency to the latest version
  • Info to display the npm web page for this dependency
  • Uninstall to remove the dependency from the project

Some dependencies that require additional migration steps may be done automatically for you. For example: updating @ionic/angular-toolkit will migrate angular.json to remove unneeded sections or add @ionic/cordova-builders for Cordova projects.


Hover over any dependency and click the ... to show all available versions you can install for that dependency.

Updating Multiple Dependencies

Packages are grouped under a scope (for example @ionic, @capacitor). You can upgrade all dependencies in a scope by clicking on it.

Updating Capacitor

Click Packages > @Capacitor to upgrade all Capacitor core dependencies at one time.

Updating Angular

For Angular projects, click Packages > @Angular to update to the latest minor version, or migrate to the next major version of Angular. The ng migrate feature will be used to migrate your project.

Minor Updates

You can see all available minor updates (eg from 1.2.0 > 1.3.1) for your project by clicking Configuration > Check for Minor Updates.

Choosing to upgrade will update each item one at a time.


If you use Angular be sure to migrate Angular version first (Click Packages > @angular) before upgrading minor dependencies to avoid errors.

Security Vulnerabilities

Click Configuration > Security Audit to identify all dependencies that have a security vulnerability. You can choose to attempt to fix these.


This feature uses npm audit. When attempting to fix dependencies it uses npm audit fix which may not be able to resolve all issues. You may need to update dependencies to later versions to resolve a security vulnerability.