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Version: v4

Migrate from Cordova

The extension automates the experience of migrating from Cordova to Capacitor. Most Cordova plugins will work in a Capacitor application but the extension will suggest recommendations for improvement as well.


The Capacitor Migration section will appear if Cordova is detected:

  1. Click each item and choose an action (Uninstall, Upgrade or Ignore).
  2. Finally click Remove Cordova to finalize the migration.

Capacitor will work with most Cordova plugins and there are only a few Cordova plugins that are incompatible and will require you to refactor your code after migration.

Unneeded Plugins

Cordova plugins that you no longer need will be flagged and you can click Uninstall to remove them.

Incompatible Plugins

Cordova plugins that are on a known incompatible list will be flagged. There may be Capacitor equivalents, your code will need to be refactored.

Better Plugins

Cordova plugins that have better equivalent Capacitor plugins will show as optional suggestions (light bulb icon). A better plugin is defined as one that has official support from the Capacitor team. Some Cordova plugins have been deprecated or are no longer maintained, we track these and provide suggestions for alternatives.

Remove Cordova

The final step of migration is to choose the Remove Cordova item which will backup your config.xml and remove the cordova section from package.json. After this you'll see additional features appear like debugging and running.