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Version: v4

Advanced Topics

The extension has some advanced features that you may be interested in.

Exporting Project Information

Click Configuration > Export to create a markdown file that describes the dependencies and plugins of your project. This includes the version number used and latest version available.

If a recommendation is made it will be described. A list of files in your project that do not match the standard naming convention will also be listed.

Set Android Studio Location

The extension will guess the location of Android Studio to be able to find the location for Java. You can set an alternative location by clicking Settings > Advanced and setting Java Home to another path. The default location is usually /Applications/Android

Set Shell Path

The default shell is /bin/sh on a Mac or cmd on Windows. You can change the default shell used by clicking Setting > Advanced and setting Shell Path. For example: /bin/zsh.

ADB Path

ADB is used when debugging Android devices. The Location of the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) can be change by clicking Settings > Advanced and setting Adb Path.

Other Features

Click the ... button next to Project to show a list of expermental features:

  • Migrate from NPM to PNPM - Your project will be switched to use pnpm as its package manager.
  • Switch from WebPack to ESBuild - Your Angular project will be switched to use the ESBuild option.
  • Rebuild Node Modules - The node_modules folder will be deleted and npm install will be run to restore the folder.