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Version: v5


The extension will make recommendations based on experience of common problems discovered by engineers at Ionic. Recommendations appear with a light bulb icon and can either be acted upon or ignored.

Common Recommendations

The follow scenarios will show a recommendation:

  • When packages are deprecated or archived by their author in Github
  • When a plugin has a better officially supported Capacitor plugin
  • When a plugin has known issues and is no longer maintained by its author
  • When a project has problems in its browserlist support
  • When there are misconfigurations of angular.json found
  • When versions of Capacitor cli, ios, android, core are mismatched
  • If an incompatible plugin can be replaced by a Capacitor equivalent
  • When a plugins functionality is already built into Capacitor
  • When a dependency has been replaced (such as ionic-native -> awesome-cordova-plugins)
  • If a plugin or dependency has known security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed
  • When a plugin is not required (eg cordova-plugin-add-swift-support)

Not all scenarios are covered, so if there a fix you've needed to apply to your project that you think would be of benefit to other developers please submit a suggestion.