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Version: v6

Build and Run

There are a few different ways to build or run your app depending on your preference and whether you want to test in a web browser or a real or emulated mobile device.


You can press + R to run your app (ALT + R on Windows).

Testing for Web

Click Run > Web to build and launch in the default web browser.


You can preview your app inside the VS Code editor by clicking the ... next to Web and choose Open App in Editor.

Testing on Device

Testing using an emulator or real mobile device can be done in one of these ways:

  • Native IDE - Click Build in the VS Code extension then run the app in XCode or Android Studio.
  • Using VS Code - Click Run > iOS or Android, select the device to launch.

Live Reload

The Live Reload feature allows you to run your app on a mobile device and whenever a code change is made in VS Code and saved it will reload the application.

To turn on this feature click Settings > Live Reload


You can debug (use breakpoints, inspect variables etc) by clicking the Debug item and choosing:

  • Web - To launch Chrome or Edge and begin a debugging session.
  • Android - To attach to a running Android web view and begin a debugging session.
  • iOS - iOS is not currently supported in VS Code. You can use Safari.


The feature (Settings > Use HTTPS) will create a certificate and serve your application using HTTPS. Instructions to trust the certificate on web, iOS and Android are displayed.

The option to serve your application via HTTPS is required if you make Web API calls that require a secure context like Geolocation.


This feature is currently only available with Angular projects and will temporarily install a plugin due to a quirk with the Android web view not trusting user installed CA Certificates.