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The AppLauncher API allows to open other apps


npm install @capacitor/app-launcher
npx cap sync



canOpenUrl(options: { url: string; }) => Promise<{ value: boolean; }>

Check if an app can be opened with the given URL.

On iOS you must declare the URL schemes you pass to this method by adding the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes key to your app’s Info.plist file. This method always returns false for undeclared schemes, whether or not an appropriate app is installed. To learn more about the key, see LSApplicationQueriesSchemes.

Param Type
options { url: string; }

Returns: Promise<{ value: boolean; }>

Since: 1.0.0


openUrl(options: { url: string; }) => Promise<{ completed: boolean; }>

Open an app with the given URL.

Param Type
options { url: string; }

Returns: Promise<{ completed: boolean; }>

Since: 1.0.0

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