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Version: v3

Capacitor for Enterprise

Capacitor offers powerful native security, authentication, and data management solutions and plugins for mission-critical enterprise apps.

In addition, teams have access to customer-loved support and optional advisory services to make sure your next major app project is a success and stays that way, regardless of changes in the mobile ecosystem.

Capacitor's Enterprise offering centers around a suite of powerful native Capacitor plugins: Auth Connect for secure authentication, Identity Vault for encrypted session and user identity management, and Offline Storage for high-performance, encrypted SQL data storage.

Each solution works great with any modern web technology stack running in Capacitor, and does not require Ionic Framework.

Enterprise Authentication

With Auth Connect and Identity Vault, connect to any OAuth or OpenID provider (Auth0, Ping, AWS Cognito, Azure Active Directory, and more) using mobile security best practices such as biometric authentication and encrypted session storage.

Auth Connect provides a simple, portable API for authentication with a number of enterprise and consumer identity providers and provides complex native authentication flows in just a few lines of JavaScript.

Combined with Identity Vault (below), Capacitor apps can implement the most powerful, secure, and correct enterprise authentication flows.

Secure Identity Management

Identity Vault works in concert with Auth Connect to secure sensitive user and identity data, such as authentication tokens, backed by biometric authentication with support for the widest variety of iOS and Android devices. Identity Vault goes above and beyond a typical fingerprint or face scanning plugin to work with secure enclaves and encryption services on each platform. This is necessary because simply scanning a fingerprint or face identity, as most community plugins do, does not provide adequate security and protection from jailbreaking or other exploits.

Identity Vault may also be used standalone and integrated with any existing authentication flow to provide advanced session security.

Offline and Encrypted Data Storage

With Offline Storage, Capacitor developers have access to a high-performance, encrypted SQL data storage system for building powerful and secure offline-enabled apps on iOS and Android.

Combined with Identity Vault, developers can securely manage data encryption keys and implement on-device data management best practices without touching a line of native code.

Enterprise Support and Advisory

For teams building mission-critical apps, Ionic provides enterprise-grade support and optional advisory services to help make your next major app project a success. Customers remark how much they love being able to add a team of mobile experts to their project by working with Ionic.

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