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Version: v2

Updating Your Capacitor iOS Project

Occasionally, you'll need to make Capacitor updates to your iOS app, including updating the version of Capacitor used in your app, or using new ways of interfacing with Capacitor inside of your iOS codebase (for example, with new iOS API changes).

Updating Capacitor iOS Library

To update the version of @capacitor/ios used in your app, just npm install latest version:

npm install @capacitor/ios@2

Then sync the native project:

npx cap sync ios

Updating iOS Project

To update the base structure of your Xcode project, view the ios-template project in the Capacitor repo, under the tag corresponding to the latest stable release of Capacitor. The core project is kept simple on purpose: it shouldn't take much time to see what is different from the core project and your project.

In particular, AppDelegate.swift should be checked regularly for possible changes to iOS events.

From 1.0.0 to 1.1.0

Recommended change:

  • Update .gitignore file inside ios folder with this changes

From <= 1.5.1 to 2.0.0

Recommended change:

  • Update native project to Swift 5

    Capacitor 2.0 uses Swift 5, it's recommended to update your native project to also use Swift 5. To do so, from Xcode click Edit -> Convert -> To Current Swift Syntax. will appear selected, click Next button.

    Then a message will say No source changes necessary.

    Finally, click the Update button.

For API changes, check the Release Notes.