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Version: v2

Capacitor Required Dependencies

Capacitor has a number of dependencies depending on which platforms you're targeting and which operating systems you are developing on.


The base requirements are Node v8.6.0 or later, and NPM version 5.6.0 or later (which is usually automatically installed with the required version of Node).

Capacitor supports yarn as well.

For specific platforms, follow each guide below to ensure you have the correct dependencies installed.

iOS Development

For building iOS apps, Capacitor requires a Mac with Xcode 11 or above. Or you can use Ionic Appflow to build for iOS even if you're on Windows.

Additionally, you'll need to install CocoaPods (sudo gem install cocoapods), and install the Xcode Command Line tools (either from Xcode, or running xcode-select --install).

As a rule, the latest version of Capacitor always supports at least the last two iOS versions.

Capacitor 2.0 supports iOS 11+.

Capacitor uses the WKWebView.

Android Development

Android development requires the Android SDK installed with Android Studio. Technically, Android Studio isn't required as you can build and run apps using only the Android CLI tools, but it will make building and running your app much easier so we strongly recommend using it.

Android version support for Capacitor is more complex than iOS. Currently, we are targeting API level 21 or greater, meaning Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or above. This represents over 99% of the Android market.

Also, Capacitor requires an Android WebView with Chrome version 50 or later. On Android 5-6, and 10+ Capacitor uses the Android System WebView. On Android 7-9, Google Chrome provides the WebView.