Capacitor collects anonymous telemetry data about general usage. This is an opt-in program that provides insight to the Capacitor team to help improve the product. By opting in, you will be able to provide valuable insights that could shape the future of the product.

You will be asked after the Capacitor CLI successfully finishes its first command if you would like to enter the program. If you opt out, telemetry data will not be collected and you will not be asked again.


Anonymous usage data allows the team to gain insight into how Capacitor is being used. With this information, we can better prioritize fixes and features. It also provides the team with a better understanding of the developer experience.

What is Collected?

Usage data is entirely anonymous and will only include the following:

  • Timestamp
  • Command name, arguments, and selected flags
  • Command duration
  • Error message (if the command failed, no stacktrace included)
  • Capacitor machine ID (anonymous, generated ID)
  • Project ID (anonymous, generated ID)
  • Your operating system (Mac, Linux, Windows)
  • Versions of: NodeJS, Capacitor CLI, core, and official platforms and plugins

How to opt in or out

You may opt out at any time from the program by running npx cap telemetry off in the root of your project:

npx cap telemetry off

You can check the status by running the following command in the root of your project:

npx cap telemetry

If you would like to rejoin the program and provide telemetry on your project then run the following command:

npx cap telemetry on