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Version: v2

Capacitor CLI - cap sync


Run the Copy and Update commands together.

npx cap sync [options] [platform]
  • platform (optional): android, ios
  • --deployment: Podfile.lock won't be deleted and pod install will use --deployment option.
Example output:
โˆš Copying web assets from www to android\app\src\main\assets\public in 3.37s
โˆš Copying native bridge in 5.80ms
โˆš Copying capacitor.config.json in 2.59ms
โˆš copy in 3.43s
โˆš Updating Android plugins in 11.48ms
Found 1 Capacitor plugin for android:
capacitor-mapbox (0.0.1)
โˆš update android in 105.91ms
โˆš copy in 409.80ฮผp
โˆš update web in 6.80ฮผp
Sync finished in 3.563s