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Announcing Capacitor 3.0 Beta ->
Capacitor 3.0 Beta ->

A cross-platform native runtime for web apps.

Capacitor is an open source native runtime for building Web Native apps. Create cross-platform iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

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Getting started is easy.


Drop Capacitor into any existing web app.

npm install @capacitor/cli @capacitor/core
npx cap init

Install the native platforms you want to target.

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npx cap add ios
npx cap add android

Access core Native APIs or extend with your own.

Capacitor’s native plugin APIs make it extremely easy to access and invoke common device functionality across multiple platforms.

import { Plugins } from '@capacitor/core';
const { LocalNotifications } = Plugins;

  notifications: [
      title: "On sale",
      body: "Widgets are 10% off. Act fast!",
      id: 1,
      schedule: { at: new Date( + 1000 * 5) },
      sound: null,
      attachments: null,
      actionTypeId: "",
      extra: null
import { Plugins } from '@capacitor/core';
const { Geolocation } = Plugins;
// get the users current position
const position = await Geolocation.getCurrentPosition();

// grab latitude & longitude
const latitude = position.coords.latitude;
const longitude = position.coords.longitude;
import { Plugins } from '@capacitor/core';
const { Camera } = Plugins;
// Take a picture or video, or load from the library
const picture = await Camera.getPicture({
import Foundation
import Capacitor

// Custom platform code, easily exposed to your web app
// through Capacitor plugin APIs. Build APIs that work
// across iOS, Android, and the web!
public class MyAwesomePlugin: CAPPlugin {

  @objc public func doNative(_ call: CAPPluginCall) {
  let alert = UIAlertController(title: "Title", message: "Please Select an Option", preferredStyle: .actionSheet)

  // ....
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See when and why to use Capacitor to build cross-platform apps. We wrote a guide to help you get started.

Read the Guide->

Connect web apps to native functionality.

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Universal apps

Build web-based applications that run equally well across iOS, Android, and as Progressive Web Apps.

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Native access

Access the full Native SDKs on each platform, and easily deploy to the App Stores (and the web).

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Native PWAs

Add custom native functionality with a simple Plugin API, or use existing Cordova plugins with our compatibility layer.

Cross-platform core native features.

Explore APIs->
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Capture images, save photos, and configure hardware parameters like saturation and color balance.

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File System

Save and read documents, assets, and other content your users need to access via native file systems.

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Gather critical information about a user’s device location, such as latitude and longitude.

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Access the device accelerometer sensors to measures changes in velocity of a device motion.

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Schedule local notifications on the device or handle push notifications sent from a server.

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Monitor for network connectivity and capability changes to build resilient offline apps.

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Build location-aware apps by polling for the current device location or subscribing to location updates.

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Your Own Plugin

Write your own custom plugins to access specialty features and easily integrate any 3rd-party SDK.

Bring your own web framework.

Drop Capacitor into any existing web app project, framework or library. Convert an existing React, Angular, Svelte, Vue (or your preferred Web Framework) project to native mobile.

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Supercharge your app with enterprise-grade solutions.

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Built for enterprise. Capacitor and Ionic’s full ecosystem of solutions address the performance, security, and deployment needs of enterprise teams building critical apps.

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Ready to get started?

Dive in and create your first Capacitor project